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Bubble Panda Icon
Guide Panda using your extraordinary bubble powers! Enjoy 25 beautifully crafted levels of this unique new physics ...
Total Plays : 1762
Building School Icon
Build stable objects with the shapes given in this physics based construction game. Rotate and place the shape bef ...
Total Plays : 4394
Cubium Icon
Launch various balls to knock blocks off the screen and score the target number of points in this Blosics like game ...
Total Plays : 3930
Cubium Level Pack Icon
30 new levels for the popular Blosics like Cubium game.
Total Plays : 3783
Fish! Let's Jump 2 Icon
Help the fish catch all of the starfishes while avoiding the baddies. Get the bonus fishes to help you complete th ...
Total Plays : 5096
Huje Tower Icon
Addicting puzzle game with real world physics. Build a tower using funny little bacteria to reach the line.
Total Plays : 2146
Hungry Grew Icon
Grew is hungry! Get the peppermint to him by drawing a path to him. Stuck on a level? Click on the W in the game ...
Total Plays : 3247
It's like Gravity Icon
A unique physics based puzzle game where you control gravity and remove objects to make the ball reach the flag. ...
Total Plays : 3959
Jelly Cannon Icon
Use the Jelly cannon to shoot the yellow jellies so that they merge together.
Total Plays : 9229
Juggle Trouble Icon
Hone your mouse skills and try to become a master Juggler by hitting targets whilst juggling balls in the air in ar ...
Total Plays : 1323
Jumpie 2 Icon
Jumpie is back! New graphics, new gameplay + 24 levels! This time you must jump through all the rings and pass all ...
Total Plays : 2169
Mochi Ninja Icon
Use your grappling hook to reach your target. Obliterate enemies with style in this challenging action puzzle game!
Total Plays : 1589
Patcha Icon
Cute Little Patcha loves buttons. Feed the buttons to him to get to the next level.
Total Plays : 3104
Pudding Strike Icon
Use your slingshot to launch the pudding citizens with the intent of either hitting the evil puddings directly or b ...
Total Plays : 3792
Red Menace 2 Icon
Rescue the red icon by getting it to the yellow platform by removing objects and even changing gravity. Complete a ...
Total Plays : 2999
Rolling Hero Icon
The evil red square has chased and captured your girlfriend. Go through forest, ice, sand and lava to get her back. ...
Total Plays : 3275
Rubble Trouble Icon
Help the workmen demolish the old buildings using a variety of tools.
Total Plays : 5163
Save Sam Icon
Help SAM get to the stars by clicking on objects in his world. There are loads of different types of blocks to inte ...
Total Plays : 3434
Simple Motions 2 Icon
Help the creatures get the stars and flags in a fun puzzle
Total Plays : 2569
Smart Dog Icon
These two stray dogs found a hobby. The throw and catch game! Believe it or not it's not that easy.
Total Plays : 3406
Take Me Home Icon
A physics game were you help Bob the ball to go to his basket in 15 challenging levels.
Total Plays : 1452
Throw the Ball Icon
Knock the green blocks off of the platform. Similar to Blosics but with a catapult!
Total Plays : 3733
Totems Awakening Icon
Launch coconuts at the sleeping totems to wake them up. Have you got the skills to complete all 30 levels?
Total Plays : 1677
Toystackers Icon
Unlike other stacking games, here you stack toys and other different objects! Move the toy with the mouse and click ...
Total Plays : 2226