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Addit Blitz Icon
Create a sum of 10 by clicking on the blocks on the gameboard.
Total Plays : 6712
Aztec Gold Icon
Click the goldbars so with the extra number they add up to nine. The more goldbars the higher the combo. You have t ...
Total Plays : 4955
Balloon Math Icon
Use your dart to pop the balloon with the right answer.
Total Plays : 6863
Bus Driver Math Icon
Be sure the riders pay the right bus fare. Watch out for the tricky riders trying not to pay enough.
Total Plays : 7676
Chipacabra's Math Icon
Help Chipacabra build the math equations so that he gets large answers. Watch out for the Spikemonstas and Lurkers ...
Total Plays : 5557
Fly Arithmetic Icon
Click on the right answer before the balloons reach the bottom of the screen
Total Plays : 3084
Gem Math Icon
Click on the falling gems so that they add up to the target total.
Total Plays : 4508
Golden Zeros Icon
Golden Zeros is a Math-skills and strategy based High Score game where you require making a chain of numbered balls ...
Total Plays : 2174
Math Charge Addition Icon
The addition subs are tough. Lucky that you know addition so that you can dial in the right depth to sink the subs.
Total Plays : 4995
Math Man Addition Icon
Play Pac Man with an addition twist!
Total Plays : 5667
Mathlines Icon
Shoot balls to add new balls to the line. When the balls you shoot and the balls beside it add up to 10, these ball ...
Total Plays : 7225
Melius Math Icon
Select the numbers to come up with the target sum.
Total Plays : 3864
Numory Icon
Addition game and memory game all mixed up. Buy more time with matches.
Total Plays : 3831
Space Traffic Addit .. Icon
Add quickly to get the Space Cars through the intersection and keep them from crashing.
Total Plays : 4615
Swingy Ball Math Icon
Fill in the equations as quickly as possible using the Swingy Ball.
Total Plays : 3550
Think Icon
Use your addition and subtraction skills to solve the puzzle in each level.
Total Plays : 4129