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Battle Math Icon
See how many days you can protect your homestead from addition bees, division aliens and more.
Total Plays : 4605
Bones Pi Icon
Help the pup get the numbers in the order in which they appear in Pi. Putting the 1st 100 numbers in order may seem ...
Total Plays : 3481
Brainie Icon
Click on the blocks that equal to the number Brainie is thinking of.
Total Plays : 4659
iCount Icon
Practice arithmetic operations in this math highscores game with 2 modes (Challenge and Practice), 4 mathematical o ...
Total Plays : 2235
Math Defy Icon
The villagers are trying to tear down your castle. They're armed with equations. You know what to do!
Total Plays : 6139
Math Man Icon
What do you get when you cross math class and Pacman? Mathman of course!
Total Plays : 15067
Matt H. & the Secre .. Icon
Get Matt H. safely through all of the levels by answering the math problems correctly in this fun platformer.
Total Plays : 3628
Quick Math Icon
Fill in the missing mathematical symbol that correctly completes the simple equation as quickly as possible. The fa ...
Total Plays : 4570
RoboMath Icon
How many math problems can you solve before time runs out? Answer correctly and get more time!
Total Plays : 3835
Super Math Adventure Icon
Help Super Cow fight off the alien invasion by practicing your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division s ...
Total Plays : 4742
Swingy Ball Math Icon
Fill in the equations as quickly as possible using the Swingy Ball.
Total Plays : 3507