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Eliminate all the items by making groups of two or three of similiar items.

Mahjong games on lofgames.com

By    2022-05-23

Mahjong games are tile-based games in which one needs to draw/remove/eliminate or collect pair of tiles according to the game specific rules. These types of games are available in puzzle mode where the player draws all the cards displayed on the board. There may be certain types of rules in these games. For example a game can say that only those tiles can be drawn which has 2 adjacent sides open. It means that we can draw or collect tiles from the corners. Another game may say that the tiles can be drawn which have only one side open.  In multiplayer version, these games are played with turn based system, where first player draws his pair or pass, then second player do the same. In lofgames.com, there are several types and versions of Mahjong games with different rules. You can enjoy them in Mahjong category and it’s subcategories.

Here are some examples of our popular mahjong games: