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Practice and reinforce your math and vocabulary skills the fun way!

Word Search ShapesWord Search Shapes
6466 Users Played
Orbiting Numbers DecimalOrbiting Numbers Dec...
2092 Users Played
Hamster Grid AverageHamster Grid Average
2716 Users Played
Kitty ScrambleKitty Scramble
6307 Users Played
Orbiting Numbers DivisionOrbiting Numbers Div...
2182 Users Played
Hamster Grid RoundingHamster Grid Roundin...
4079 Users Played
Hamster Grid AlgebraHamster Grid Algebra
3116 Users Played
Hamster Grid FactorsHamster Grid Factors
2522 Users Played
Orbiting Numbers IntegersOrbiting Numbers Int...
2225 Users Played
Hamster Grid FractionsHamster Grid Fractio...
2736 Users Played
Subtraction PracticeSubtraction Practice
4628 Users Played
Orbiting Numbers MultiplicationOrbiting Numbers Mul...
2397 Users Played
Hamster Grid DecimalsHamster Grid Decimal...
2380 Users Played
Count And CompareCount And Compare
4127 Users Played
Shapes Jigsaw InsectsShapes Jigsaw Insect...
5681 Users Played
Golden Beetle MultiplicationGolden Beetle Multip...
4935 Users Played
Animals JumbleAnimals Jumble
6237 Users Played
Find the Odd 2Find the Odd 2
5645 Users Played
Find the OddFind the Odd
11767 Users Played
Batty MathBatty Math
6963 Users Played