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Jungle EquationsJungle Equations
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Find Christmas ItemsFind Christmas Items
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Math Tank RoundingMath Tank Rounding
3495 Users Played
Kitty ScrambleKitty Scramble
3495 Users Played
Dolphin Dice Race AdditionDolphin Dice Race Ad...
3500 Users Played
Math Tank MultiplicationMath Tank Multiplica...
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Shapes Jigsaw InsectsShapes Jigsaw Insect...
3610 Users Played
What does not fit 1What does not fit 1
6536 Users Played
Word Search CountriesWord Search Countrie...
4207 Users Played
Hamster Grid TimeHamster Grid Time
3079 Users Played
Math Parking SubtractionMath Parking Subtrac...
3435 Users Played
Hamster Grid FractionsHamster Grid Fractio...
956 Users Played
Jungle Balloons DivisionJungle Balloons Divi...
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Traffic Control TimeTraffic Control Time
3861 Users Played
Hamster Grid IntegersHamster Grid Integer...
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Orbiting Numbers MultiplicationOrbiting Numbers Mul...
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Golden Beetle AdditionGolden Beetle Additi...
3274 Users Played
X-Ray Math RoundingX-Ray Math Rounding
2792 Users Played
Spring Pic PastingSpring Pic Pasting
3799 Users Played
Math Tank ComparisonMath Tank Comparison
3198 Users Played